This Game is Currently in Alpha Stage and is missing features.

You can help me make it complete by giving a donation of your choice

This game works better on Full Screen.

If enough people show support, I will work on finishing the game.

The full Version would have:

  • abilities like ice breath and charge attacks you can equip to battle
  • option to fight in a 3rd person camera online against random opponents and friends.
  • Polishing here and there, smoother animations and models
  • optional Camera effects like bloom
  • allow customization of the character you play.

Where will the game be sold?
I plan to make it work on PC and Macs and make it available on the Steam Store and on Humble Bundle

What will I do with the money?

185$ to rent 3ds max / month (its a license to use 3d models in a commercial way). Fortunately I already own a license to substance painter and I don't feel the need to get Photoshop for this project. The servers will have costs that extend with the player base, it should be somewhere between 26.98$ and 134.92$ per month. I also have to pay for my own salary.

My name is Veronique Morais. I am a second year student in game design at Dawson College. I programmed the game, designed and animated the rams, made the tower too. You can contact me and see what I'm up to at my twitter account: @tenedria

The background terrain is Standard Unity assets, that includes the trees and the water. I didn't make them.

The sounds were purchased from:


* Currently fixing the abilities to make the animation display correctly


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I really like playing this game with my brother or sister. Now that you explained that the keyboard/arrow directions are relative to the ram, we better understand how to make the rams move. My brother said that you should make the ram color more visible.